Who We Serve

Elevation Outdoors provides outdoor recreation programs to youth ages 12 - 18. We provide full scholarships to youth who meet any one of the criteria listed below as we believe that all local youth, regardless of personal circumstances, should have the opportunity to make healthy lifestyle choices and experience personal growth through participation in challenging outdoor pursuits.

Elevation Outdoors is a charitable organization and in order to remain within the guidelines of the Canada Revenue Agency, we need evidence of one of the following criteria for all scholarship applicants.

  • Parent/guardian or the youth are receiving social assistance.
  • The youth is involved with MCFD programs or is in foster care.
  • The youth is on parole, probation, or in a restorative justice program
  • The youth gets referred by a mental health clinician or practitioner
  • Parent/Guardian living with the participant has income at or below the Low Income Cut-Offs - see table below:
    2018 Before Tax LICO
    Notice of Assessment Line 150
    Family Size Threshold Max ($)
    2 persons 32,270
    3 persons 39,672
    4 persons 48,167
    5 persons 54,630
    6 persons 61,613
    7 persons 68,598

In order to attest the applicant meets one of the above requirements we do, require documentation.  This can be provided via a letter/documents from the appropriate government agency, the parent/guardian's most recent tax return or NOA, pay stub/deposit slips indicating the receipt of social assistance.

If you do do not meet this criteria, but still require support, partial scholarships may be available.

Please contact us at info@elevationoutdoors.ca if you have questions regarding eligibility or to submit your required information.