Who we Serve

Elevation Outdoors provides all of our programs at no cost to the participants and their families. However, Elevation Outdoors is a charitable organization and in order to remain within the guidelines of the Canada Revenue Agency, we need evidence of the financial and/or social need of each participant in our programs.

We require that one of the following requirements are met, and evidence of the requirement to complete the registration process:

  • Parent/Guardian living with the participant has income at or below the Low Income Cut-Offs - see the latest income tables at https://fullskillsexamprep.com/blog/2017-lico/.
  • Parent/guardian or the youth are receiving social assistance.
  • The youth is involved with MCFD programs or is in foster care.
  • The applicant is on parole, probation, or in a restorative justice program.

In order to attest the applicant meets one of the above requirements we do, require documentation.  This can be provided via a letter/documents from the appropriate government agency, the parent/guardian's most recent tax return or NOA, pay stub/deposit slips indicating the receipt of social assistance.

Please contact us at info@elevationoutdoors.ca if you have questions regarding eligibility or to submit your required information.