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*Our Live to Ride program is currently at capacity. If you'd like to apply to be on our waitlist, please click the green button on the right! 

We are monitoring the Covid-19 information and we will determine closer to the start date in July if the program will run.  The health and safety of our participants is a top priority at all times.  We will continue to evaluate if our programs can be delivered in a manner that is in line with the PHO guidelines as they evolve.  We will be in touch with all applicants closer to the start of the program.  Thank you for your understanding as we all navigate through these unprecedented times together.

Our Live to Ride program was the second program added to our mix back in 2009.  With a number of changes made to the program over the years, we believe it is now one of the best programs available in the Valley to introduce someone to the sport of mountain biking.

As the Covid-19 issue continues to impact all aspects of our lives we are looking at implementing a number of measures to reduce the likelihood of contributing to the spread.  As the situation continues to unfold we are monitoring it and will make additional changes or cancel the program as needed to adhere to the best available information at the time.

We are currently planning to have the following protocols in place for our 2020 Live to Ride program:

- Maximum 9 participants on a Tue/Thur rotation, splitting into 2 groups once off the bus and on mountain.
- Mandatory sneeze guards (bandana, mask, buff etc) worn over the mouth and nose at all times on the bus.
- Mandatory use of hand sanitizer before getting on the bus each time.
- Participants will use the same bike each day of riding to limit the number of people touching each bike.
- All volunteers will meet at the trailhead each day rather than ride the bus.
- All bikes will be cleaned/sanitized at the end of each ride.
- Designate 1 team member to load/unload bikes to reduce risk
- Participants only touch their bike to reduce risk
- Increased spacing between riders on both the climbing and descending portions of trails beyond the 2m suggested distance to reduce risk.  For descending we are looking at 20m spacing based on the information available about safe distancing between riders to manage their respiratory signature(
- Adhering to all trail/access closures
- Limiting trail difficulty to ensure all trails are within the skill level of participants
- Zero tolerance policy for behaviour that puts other participants at risk 

With a maximum of 12 participants in the program, we start on day one teaching the basics of how to mountain bike: peddling, braking, and body position all in a flat ground session so that each rider can get comfortable on the bike before even having to worry about going down a hill.  Once the participants have these skills dialed in we advance through a progression of terrain and trail choices so that participants skills can progress each ride.  With a lesson to start off each ride, delivered by a PMBI certified instructor, the skill sets required to ride more advanced terrain are built up over the program as each rider’s confidence increases.

Riders are exposed to a variety of trail types from cross country to lift assisted downhill riding (in some programs) with the ability break into smaller groups to ensure each rider is on terrain and moving at a pace they are comfortable with.  This allows for a more comfortable learning environment as each rider will become comfortable with different terrain and pace on their own terms.

Included in the program we do our best to introduce the participants to an array of industry related jobs in an effort to expand the participants’ horizons.  We have our PMBI instructor speak with the participants about the opportunities available as a mountain bike instructor in the area. We also have a day where a local bike shop provides one of their staff for a lesson on the basics of bike maintenance. The shop staff member also speaks about the types of roles available in the retail industry that supports mountain biking.

In an effort to make the sport even more accessible Elevation Outdoors provides transportation from 3 common meeting points in Kelowna and West Kelowna to make it easier for participants to join us.


Each program runs twice per week, for 7 weeks, as the frequency is key to the progression of the participants’ skills as it allows them to return and practice their skills and continue to improve as there is not enough time to regress between sessions.

Live to Ride 2020 will run from July 6th - August 21st.  We will ride on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, picking up youth each evening starting at 4:30 or 4:45 pm and drop offs will be between 8 and 8:45 pm, depending on drop off location (West Kelowna, Orchard Park Mall, Rutland).  These plans may change, as we respond to the best available information related to managing the risks of Covid-19.


Each seat is $450.

* 100% and partial scholarship seats are available for youth that meet our eligibility criteria! Click here to see our scholarship eligibility requirements.

If you are interested in volunteering for Live to Ride, please click here!

To register for the Live to Ride program please download the registration package below or follow the online registration link above to register online.

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